Hi there! I'm Filipa,

a client specialist, a project manager raised in a design mindset.

ūüéĮ I help companies transform strategies into effective and meaningful solutions.

    Welcome to my world, where creativity meets strategic thinking.

    * * * * *

    With a blend of artistic flair and meticulous organization, I thrive on bringing innovative ideas to life.

    My Services

     Committed to deliver outstanding services for strategy and business improvement, working from concepts, operations, resources, to customer satisfaction.

    Can provide support for

    ‚óĺ Digital Product Companies¬†¬†

    ‚ó嬆Technology Startups¬†

    ‚ó嬆Marketing & Advertising Agencies¬†¬†

    ‚ó嬆Creative Design Studios¬†

    ¬†‚ó嬆Event Management Companies¬†

    ‚ó嬆Retail & Fashion Brands¬†

    ¬†‚ó嬆Consulting Firms

    About me

    I am driven by passion for innovative project implementations.

    By combining my background in product design, which allows me to tailor concepts, products, and plan strategies, with my experience in project management, I ensure a comprehensive and effective approach to achieve outstanding results.

    Explore My Porfolio

    You will find there a short selection of projects that I am very proud of.

    During my experience, I have been helping various industries developing projects such:
    Product development | Event Productions | Brand Activations | Thematic Exhibitions | Kids entertainment experiences | Touristic projects. 

    Explore My Blog

    Join me as I explore my mindset, strategies, and experiences that have shaped me both personally and professionally.

    I am sharing the stories behind my biggest successes, struggles, and the lessons I've learned along the way.

    ‚ÄúExpect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised.‚ÄĚ

    Denis Waitley